High Performance Racing   Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose      

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High Performance Racing Hose high performance hose high performance hose
High Pressure Capabilities = Greater Reliability At High Speed!
high performance hose
Applications include: Race Engine Fuel lines, Oil lines, Heater hoses, Radiator hoses ...

Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose

Performance Racing Hose Size: -4 , -6 , -8 , -10 , -12, -16, -20 AN

High Performance Race Hose

Premium Quality Racing Hose Constructions : high performance hose racing hose
(1) The Inner Liner constructed from synthetic rubber tube, clean and fast flowing, provides constant flow during operation of the racing engine. high performance hose
(2) Partial Coverage Stainless Steel Inner Braid is woven into the Inner Liner of high quality synthetic rubber. Delikon has patented a production technique that ensures the timing of the braiding and curing of the rubber during construction is perfect, thus
achieving the desired flexibility and mechanical bond between the braiding layers.
(3) Full Coverage Outer Braid of High Tensile Stainless Steelbonded to the hose liner provides maximum pressure capabilities, while maintaining the beauty, and flexibility that is vital for the quality of High Performance Hose.

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Performance RacingPremium Quality Racing Hose Constructions DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. The rubber inner tube offers unsurpassed fluid compatibility. Full vacuum rating for sizes -10, -12 and -16. It is the best choice for your high performance marine engines

Performance Hose,Cut to length

High Performance Racing Hose
Stainless steel braided racing hose for high performance racing.   
Delikon Racing hose is compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants. It operates at higher temperature for longer periods. Light and flexible, it is easy to work with, and its stainless steel cover will ensure long-lasting durability.
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